Grandma’s teacup

We still have a bunch of boxes to unpack, but one area of our new house that is now SET is our china cabinet. My grandma is an antique dealer who gave us this awesome wooden cabinet– fittingly called a “marriage cabinet”–for our wedding a few years ago. She also gave me most of the stuff inside it when downsizing before her own move from Indiana to Michigan last year. 

My grandma has strong ties to our new city of Cincinanti. Growing up nearby in Southern Indiana, Cincinnati was the big metropolis where her dad drove a delivery truck, her mom did housework, and, as she recently told me, where she once ate “custard bread” in Over-the-Rhine. She now lives several hours away, with my grandpa and near my parents and aunt and uncle in Western Michigan. Even though we don’t have any relatives currently living in Cincinnati, and our new place still looks like the moving truck just left, having grandma’s china cabinet set up makes it feel more like home to me.


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