What a week

What a week it’s been. Somewhere between graduating from my PhD program, loading up the moving truck, and moving into our new house in Cincinnati, the country has undergone what feels like one of the most intense and consequential news weeks of my lifetime.

Between unpacking boxes and chasing after my son through the yard and down the block (an activity entirely new and thrilling to both of us) I tried to find moments to pause, check my phone and take stock of the events unfolding in Charleston and the rest of the south, the Supreme Court rulings on healthcare and gay marriage, and the reaction to these events on social media.

Whatever sense of new beginnings and trepidation that we felt with our move was dwarfed by much larger versions of those feelings touched off by the events of this week. After spending Friday morning humming with happiness about the SCOTUS rulings, we then sat down in the afternoon and cried while watching President Obama’s eulogy for Rev. Clementa Pinckney.

I haven’t had much time to draw during the move, but I did want to scribble out this quote from Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz that I find inspiring and orienting.

Especially in the context of seeing social progress unfold alongside troubling reminders of the persistence of racism and intolerance, this quote reminds of me of the importance of education and reading in making sense of our dynamic world. Sor Juana treats education not as an accumulation of knowledge but a gradual removal of ignorance–something that, if this week is any reminder–I need to work at constantly.


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